What is Remarketing & How to do adwords Remarketing

Today I will tell you What is Adwords Remarketing and How we Do Remarketing.

it is the Easiest Way to get the conversions and lead.

if you are user-friendly with google.

So Display network so remarketing is the best choice for Marketing your business.

Now I will Tell You What is Remarketing?

Google AdWords Remarketing is the part of Online Marketing.

That Enables sites to show your targeted ads to users who already visited their website.

To start the remarketing, we first have to set up the remarketing code.

Remarketing increase Your Business Conversion and Leads and (ROI) Return On Investment.

This is Because Past visitor already familiar with your brand are much more likely to become a customer.

This is very profitable for Your Business and Your Branding.

How Does Google Remarketing Work?

If you are already advertising on Google.

you may know that the remarketing tag needs to be set up before running remarketing ads.

Remarketing placing a cookie on website visitors device when they meet your criteria.

The cookie id is generating in your Remarketing audience list.

You can have many lists of different criteria.

Each cookie has a unique id for remarketing list.

which is automatically added to your remarketing audience list.

Remarketing or cookie manage your visitor records and this cookie id show your daily impression, view, and visit.

it’s recorded your Visitors data.

How to Setup Google Remarketing Campaign


  • the first step you create remarketing audience list
  • Go to the shared library
  • Then go the audience and Fill all the inquiry and then save.

Once Your Remarketing list has been set up then you can go to create a remarketing campaign in AdWords.

  • First, you will go to the campaign
  • Then go the display network
  • And select the interest and remarketing
  • Then set your daily budget
  • And fill all the inquiry
  • Save

Now you can only create your ad copy and upload your image run your ads.

When you have completed your daily 150 visitors your remarketing ad will run.

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