how to do blog promotions some easy tips to increase blog traffic

Hello friends Today, in this post we will learn how to blog promotions.
If you are posting daily on a blog And if the traffic is not coming to the blog, then this post can prove to be very beneficial for you.
Blog promotion is also a big contribution not only to traffic on blogs. Many blogs update daily posts.
But there is no good traffic on their blog so that you can face disappointment. That’s why blog promotion is very important for our blog.

Now let us know how to do blog promotions.


Social networking sites

It comes to blog promotion. So comes the name of social networking sites first. Because with the social networking site millions of connected with the other.
 Let’s talk first. All us favorite social networking site Facebook where we all spend more time. Use Facebook only for your entertainment.
Through Facebook, we can bring great blog and traffic to our blog on our blog.
To bring traffic we have to do is, first of all, we have to create a page on Facebook. And it’s about sharing a post every day. Apart from this, traffic on your blog will continue to be local marketing of your brand.

Facebook groups

Facebook Groups is a great medium for our blog and traffic. Which groups do you join? Those groups have traffic to your niche, Facebook groups can get good and quality traffic. In this way, we can do our blog promotions.

Google +

Google + is like facebook. In it, you have to do this. That you have to create a community by going to Google +. And to post it daily. Daily users will be able to read your posted article and you will also have blog promotions.


Linkedin is also a good site where you can share your blog’s post with good traffic to your blog.

Daily Article publishing

This is a very easy technique that most people ignore. Many people share a post a week. Doing so will not stay traffic stable on your blog.
You should share a post on your blog daily so that the visitors of your blog do not have to wait for your post and in this way, it is an easy and good way to do your blog promotions.


Commenting is a good way. On getting blogs of high-quality traffic and backlinks from someone else’s blog on your blog, many people get their pencils registered by Google using commenting.
Be the first to comment on any blog you comment on and then give your comment about it. By doing this, your website’s ranking will also improve.


Quora is an article submission site. Where you can share your post and do your post and blog promotions well.
Share Long content
Research has been observed accordingly. All search engines prefer much longer content. You should share at least 700 words content from which your search engine ranking will help. google gives long content preferences
Friends, today we have known in this post how we can promote our blog. If you have any questions in this topic then you can ask by commenting.
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