Godaddy Affiliate Program and start earning money

How to signup for Godaddy Affiliate Program and start earning money?

godaddy affiliate program is a very popular brand in the market for domain name and web-hosting. They are famous for many reasons and their high-paying Affiliate program is all the features that attract any Affiliate marketer towards them.

In this guide, I will tell you how you can join the GoDaddy Affiliate program and start earning money.

Earlier, GoDaddy had its own managed affiliate program. Later, he shut down his managed Affiliate program and started managing his affiliate program through Commission Junction and Viglink.

You can join the GoDaddy affiliate program on any of the given marketplaces. In this guide, I will tell you which marketplace I use and what experience I have with him. So as GoDaddy’s offers are quite appealing, you can earn a lot of money from them.

Getting Started with GoDaddy Affiliate Program:

If you are on the CJ (Commision Junction), you can search directly for GoDaddy by visiting the Search Partner Tab. For now, you can join CJ or Viglink.

The best thing about GoDaddy is that they keep coming up with great deals from time to time, so that you can increase your sales significantly. I have already shared a guide about this that you can read by following the link given below:

Joining GoDaddy Affiliate Program from Viglink
Viglink is another popular option for you where you can join GoDaddy Affiliate program. Viglink is free to join and easy with the Commission Junction.

Once you are in your Viglink dashboard, click on Merchants and then search for GoDaddy.

3 things you should take care of before engaging with an affiliate program

Share Googaddy’s Affiliate Program with your success story with us in comments and tell us how you feel about this program.

Payout method

Suppose you promote a product and you have to pay Rs. If you earn 5000 but you can not get it, how would you feel?

This has happened to many affiliates.

This is because there is no acceptable payout method for your own country in that program. Assure that affiliate network and program have an acceptable payout method for your country.

If there is no acceptable payout method for your country, you can talk to affiliate network manager or use the program contact form and can request if they can help you in this matter

Following are some of the popular ways that you can get paid for affiliate marketing –

  • Payoneer
  • Paypal (Read: Verified PayPal Account Kaise Banaye Hindi Main )
  • Cheque
  • Direct bank deposit

Minimum Payout

This is the most common and major reason that many new affiliate marketers leave affiliate marketing. Most affiliate programs have a Small Payout threshold of $ 50, that is, when you earn at least RS1000, you can withdraw those funds. There are some exceptions, but plenty of payout thresholds are RS1000.

If you have not yet earned the Least Payout, you will not pay. Many marketers work very hard and many people also spend money for promotions but they can not earn, then they think that they have cheated.

It is a mistake of marketers because they will never check Smallest Payout before joining the affiliate program.

Cookie length

I enjoy a lot of affiliate marketing because there is freedom of offers here.

My job is to reach the traffic to them and if a user purchases through my affiliate link several days, I will get a commission.

How fun is it? All this is possible because of long cookie length but there are some exceptions.

Any cookie length is 30-90 days when a user clicks on your affiliate link. The best thing about these programs is that if a user buys a second product from the website of the same company, you get a commission even if you are promoting it.

But some affiliate programs take advantage of new affiliate marketers. They do not give them some offer, such as

Standard cookie length (30-60 days)

Other products on commission

Take care of these two talks whenever you are engaging with any affiliate program. Like I said earlier, some reputed networks do not work like this and you will not have any such problem in connecting and earning them.

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