What is google adwords?how it is works and its types in detail

Today, I will tell you about Google AdWords in this blog post, which is one of Google’s important Advertiser Product, it helps Webmasters and bloggers reach as many people as possible.

Google AdWords offers a very good online advertising platform to its advertiser.

What is google adwords?

Google AdWords is an advertising service in which any person can advertise his business with the help of which he can create and run ads for his business easily and quickly. This is where your ads run on Google and Google ads shown on your site. There is nothing to do with the budget.

Google Adwords advertising paid or given when the ad clicked by the logo. You must have often seen that whenever you visit a website or blog, there are no advertisements in any corner. All ads written ‘ads by Google’ on one corner, this is the same advertising that a businessman or webmaster promotes his web and product based on all the ads keywords.

How to Work google adwords?

You can choose different types of ads like text, image, and video ads, and you can easily see your ad’s performance using reports available in your account. The best thing about Adword is that any AdWords have to pay only if someone clicks on it, you also know that no one clicks on such an advertisement for no reason unless the advertisement meant it or Do not be afraid.

Types and information about the Google AdWords network

Search Ads

These ads appear on the google search engine. Here you have to pay the cost per click Google.

You have to choose a keyword and when the keyword Google will search, then you can get visitors to your website with Ads.

You can give your business phone number, you will be charged only when the visitor calls you or visits your website.

Which is the first position on Google which will appear on Google’s ranking system? In this, keywords, bid, landing page quality, etc are seen.

  • Dynamic ads- This is a great feature of AdWords. Suppose your company gives service to ‘Hotel online book’. Now anyone has searched in ‘Book hotel in goa’ Google, Google will automatically generate headline (will prepare) this keyword will be displayed in ‘Book hotel in goa’ and after clicking on the ad, a visitor to goa hotels The page on which the page will display. But for this you must be a goa hotels page on your site, only then Google will show this result.
  • Call Only Ads- Business calls to call instead of visiting visitor landing page as soon as visitors click on this ads campaign. If this campaign run by an ambulance service then the call will call because it is better to go to the site that book.
  • Mobile App Promotion- In this, you can promote your Mobile App by promoting downloads, on Search, Display or YouTube Network.

Display ADS

Display Ads are being used in Millions of websites and a lot of mobile apps. With this, you can promote your business well and get a new customer.

You will usually see ads banner, text ads on a website, in content interstitial or sidebar, etc. They called Display Ads.

People who use Adsense on their website. Advertisers’ advertisements on their websites showed by AdWords.

Display Ads can also show in Mobile App

You can also give your business ad on a specific (appropriately) mobile app.

Apart from this, display ads can also show on Gmail.

In these advertisements, you select keywords and ads displayed on related websites. Like a company wants to advertise fairness cream.

Then the ad for that cream will appear on a blog with beauty tips.

Or if you want to show advertisements to old visitors then they can do that too.

Or with the help of user’s search history, display ads can also show. It depends on you

Video Ads

The special thing about video ads is that you have to pay money only when users will see your full ad.

You do not have to pay money for what is not interested in your business.

You must see advertising before starting the video on YouTube.

This is called a video ad, which shown by AdWords.

There are also types of video ads such as Stream Ads, discovery ads, bumper ads

  • Stream Ads – Skipping Skip is a favorite in this and after showing the video 5 seconds. Video required to pay the full view of 30 seconds or to the advertiser, or otherwise. Before 30 sec click on links given in the video, you will also have to pay.
  • Discovery Ads- This thumbnail shown in this ad format only. When someone clicks on the thumbnail then the money charged. These ads are shown on Youtube search page, home page, related videos on youtube.
  • Bumper Ads – There is no obligation to skip the video in this ad format. This is a short video that can use for brand awareness. Here is the cost per impressions (CPM), the money you pay is only when 1000 impressions are available to your ad, which means that when thousands of people will see it.

Shopping Ads

Shopping ads are very good for retailers.

This is a great way to traffic lanes on your product site. And there is more potential for buying a product.

With the text here, along with the product’s pic, price, store name, etc. The bottom of the shopping is like shopping ads.

If you have to run these ads for your product, then you will have to create an account in Google Merchant Center and then link the account with AdWords.

Universal ads

Here Mobile App promoted everywhere.

Like search result, play store, display network, youtube The universal app campaign to increase Installs for App is a great star

This Google AdWords campaign type was given. In which you will pay money when the app installed.

Or if there is an action in an app when the app installed.


So friends in this post I told AdWords i.e. what is AdWords and how it works and its ads types

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