What is hostgator affiliate program?how to earn money from hostgator

What is Hostgator affiliate program?

hostgator affiliate program is available for a large web hosting affiliate programs platform that is personal and commercial web hosting, and by this, it wants to maintain its dominance.

To do this, they work with a team of collaborators. So that people can know about their service. As far as the hostgator affiliate program link goes. this is easy; You sign up and they give you a link. You show people with that link on your blog, they track and verify sign up, and once they are all verified, Then they pay you

How HostGator India Affiliate Program Works

Being an affiliate, you have to promote the link to hosting affiliate programs through your website.

You will be given links to many kinds of banner and text ads and you have to add ads to your website.

When a Hostgator goes to HostGator’s website through a link to the affiliate program and buys anything, you earn some commission from that affiliate.

Commission structure

Hostgator affiliate earnings depend on you. You can promote how much hostgator affiliate link.

How many people buy from the link suggested by you. The more people you buy from the hostgator affiliate link, the more you can get the hostgator affiliate earnings.


When a user clicks on the link given by you and visits the hostgator’s website.

If no one makes a purchase then the hostgator affiliate sends a cookie to your referral user’s computer that is for 60 days.

Which means that someone uses your link to sign up, your cookie replaces an existing affiliate cookie on your computer.

If the user buys a cookie, your hostgator affiliate earnings will be added to your account.


To become a hostgator affiliate, you need to meet the following requirements.

You have to maintain your website.
Your website should not contain any kind of objectionable content.
You do not make false claims from people through your website.
Do not spread fake information about you or about hostgator affiliate program or
How to apply for Hostgator India affiliate program?
To join hostgator affiliate India program, visit www.hostgator.in/ and click on affiliate. After that click on sign up to fill out your details. After this, you will get the verification mail.

creating your hostgator affiliate India Program account, you can promote hostgator by the banner on your website or by sharing your affiliate link.

You need a pan card to join the hostgator affiliate program and fill out your form with Hostgator.

You can write host on a hostgator for host users to buy hosting and increase your earnings.

Unlimited affiliate income

The best thing about hostgator affiliate program is that they pay according to the number of referral numbers. For example, you’ll earn as much as you host the host.

9 * $ 75: $ 675
11 * $ 100: $ 1100
21 * $ 125: $ 2625

Payment: The hostgator does not have to face any problem with payment. You can keep any day of the month for payment.

Tracking: The coupon code and affiliate link will remain the main tracking method, but with more information through better reporting.

You need to email the Hostgator affiliate team at affiliates@hostgator.com for a custom coupon code.

Sign up for the Hostgator affiliate program.


HostGator India provides a valuable affiliate program which is both simple and rewarded if you think that through your website you can overcome the distance between people and HostGator, you should become an affiliate and receive commission immediately. needed.

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